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*PREGNANCY CONFIRMED*DUE APRIL 26TH!!!   Feb/March of 2024 AJs Sky's The Limit Letty will be paired to AJs Grand Teton for her final litter! These 2 will make some phenomenal pups with crazy bone and mass! I've been told countless times Letty babies just hit different. This will be your last chance to get in on a Letty baby so don't wait or you snooze you loose!
We are accepting deposits to be placed on the waiting list for this litter! $100 non refundable deposit to be placed on the waiting list. Pick orders happen in the order of deposits placed. Currently 2 female and 1 male spot reserved on this litter! Plenty of spots left as Letty tends to have good size litters.  The remaining balance of $400 will be due when babies arrive to lock in your non refundable deposit of $500 to hold your pick and baby! Picks don't happen until 6 weeks. Remaining balance is due when babies go home. 

   March 2024 AJs Prodigy to LNBs Flex of AJs Oldies for a repeat and final breeding! Prodigy will be retired after this litter. The last litter was an absolute blowout producing AJs Icon! We decided to do a repeat. Get on the wait list to reserve your spot! Structure powerhouses with athletic builds and amazing temperaments! Pups Due May 17th!! Will Ultrasound at 30 days gestation to confirm pregnancy!

August 2024 AJs Quick Draw Kimber will be paired to AJs Grand Teton for another wow factor litter! The muscle and bone that should come out of this pairing are going to be unreal! This should produce some excellent breeding quality and show quality pups! 

Fall/Winter 2024AJs Wild Ride Chevelle will be paired to AJs Sig Sauer! This will produce some absolute MONSTERS! I'm talking the likelihood of 90 plus pound Quality Bred Health Tested Bulls! Sig Sauer is son of Smashabulls Creedance and Skys The Limit Letty and is a 100 pound boy!  Chevelle is daughter of Grand Champion Hondo (imported from the netherlands) and a 90+ pound female!!  You WONT want to miss out on this one! We WILL be looking for Guardian homes for males in this litter!

To be placed on our waiting list I require a non refundable deposit of $100. Once pups arrive I will contact you and if you are still interested the remaining deposit of $400 will be due to hold your pick order.
This makes up the non refundable deposit of $500 required to hold your puppy and pick order!
Picks happen in the order of deposits received (AFTER I MAKE MY PICKS AT 6 WEEKS)
Remaining cost of the puppy will be due in cash at the time baby goes home at 8-10 weeks!  
Please contact me if you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for our upcoming breedings. 

Upcoming Breedings!!!: Upcoming breedings!!
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