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Pricing and Services

Pet Only Prices start at $2500 and full rights are between $3000-$3500. We offer a 10% Discount for Police, Fire, Ems, Military, Veterans and Emergency responders. 
Repeat Clients get $500 off the Cost of a puppy (Pet Price Only)
Referral Bonus of $200 off the price of a Puppy for YOU (Pet Price Only) if your referral to us, or by sharing our posts results in a puppy sale. 

✨️Reproduction Services✨️

Mobile Progesterone testing and Ultrasound services. 
Semen Collection
Semen Prep and Shipping Services (in the US only) 
Artificial Insemination (Fresh collected or fresh chilled) 

Have a busy schedule, can't get an appointment last minute to the vet, something come up unexpectedly, or maybe you just simply aren't a fan of running to the vet for services.  We are now offering mobile reproduction services where I conveniently come to you and run a progesterone test or confirm pregnancy via Ultrasound technology in the comforts of your own home.  Save yourself the stress and hassle with a quick appointment where I come to you to help you with your reproduction needs. 
Dogs must be 30-35 days gestation for pregnancy confirmation. Puppy counts aren't accurate with Ultrasound technology. It's simply for confirmation whether your momma is pregnant or not. I recommend an x ray at your vet at day 57 of gestation for a puppy count. 

✨️ Professional Whelping Services ✨️
Have a momma who won't take care of babies? Lose a momma due to an issue during labor or delivery? Hand rearing babies is a fulltime job in itself requiring round the clock feeding and care to get them through the first 3-4 weeks. Many people don't have the time, supplies or knowledge to meet the demands of a new litter.  
Let us take them for the first 3-4 weeks and get them past the critical stages and set them up for success. 
Contact me for pricing as Prices will vary depending on many factors. 

Pricing: Pricing and Services
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